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Keeping it cool with JP Air Conditioning

Keeping it cool with JP Air Conditioning

Who is your Successful Mum and what do they contribute to the business?
Our successful mum is Rebecca Laroc, my PA who we found through the Successful Mums Job Board. Rebecca is very efficient and allows the smooth day to day running of the business, enabling me to fous on growing the business.

How does flexible and part-time working benefit your business?
Rebecca has three children so the flexibility has allowed Rebecca to be involved with her children’s school shows etc and still complete work out of ‘normal’ office hours. I appreciate how hard it is for working parent’s so try to make the environment as flexible as possible, in return I know Rebecca is 100% committed to my company.

Why do you support the work Successful Mums does?
Without Rebecca, the office would be a disorganised mess! Rebecca is very efficient and hardworking, the flexible working allows her the work life balance, benefitting both of us.

What top tip do you have for other Businesses thinking of flexible and part-time working?
It’s a great thing for companies to do, you could be missing out on a great skill set because of your reluctance to being flexible, but it can work well for both parties – we are living proof.

An interview with MD Jacques Pretorius.

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