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Every Business should have a Successful Mum

Every Business should have a Successful Mum

Successful Mums works with hundreds of employers to connect with our Successful Mums through our Job Board, Guest Speaking and Women Returners Day.

Nathan Kelsey of Make Me Local was searching for a skilled individual looking for flexible work. With a flexible working ethos and a parent, himself, Successful Mums was his first choice to advertise on our Job Board.

“The 3-step process is so simple, my advert went on the Job Board within 24 hours, CVs are sent straight to me then I interviewed. Simple”.

Every Business should have a Successful Mum -
Nathan Kelsey, Make Me Local

Nathan was really impressed with the quality of CVs that were sent over as part of the 3-step process “I had to pinch myself that we had such a high calibre candidate sitting in front of us!”

The Successful Mum, Andrea Toms, has a strong CV and has worked for some internationally renowned brands in London.  Like lots of other mums, Andrea wanted a break from the commute and to work closer to home so that she could reduce travelling time and spend more time with her children.

Every Business should have a Successful Mum

Nathan is thrilled with Andrea and the impact she’s had on Make Me Local already: since she joined, Andrea has received positive feedback from clients, challenged and improved processes and enhanced the quality of output.

A local mum with diverse and corporate experience good for business and good for mums.

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