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The insider’s view: the value of people skills

The insider’s view: the value of people skills When we heard that recruitment specialist Julie Rose had snapped up one of our Successful Mums for her busy Bromley employment agency, we jumped at the chance to get her insider’s view on the skills that employers are looking for.

The insider’s view: the value of people skillsHaving spent the last five years finding the perfect candidates for her clients at Julie Rose Recruitment, Julie has a good idea of what’s on most employers’ wish lists. Job-specific expertise aside, when it comes to the soft skills that parents can bring to the workplace, Julie puts “people skills” at the top.

“I think being a parent is probably one of the hardest jobs you can do!” smiles Julie, who is herself a mum of two. “It really can help your people skills – your communication and influencing skills, listening and empathy – which are useful in many working environments.

“It can also give you an element of maturity and reliability, and a certain level of confidence in how you handle yourself. Personally, I think that’s because you have to learn so much in order to teach your child and nurture them through their life.” While people skills are in demand in many fields, they are paramount in recruitment, says Julie, whose own team includes three women returners (among them Successful Mums Back to Work course grad Nicky), who work flexibly around their family lives.

Julie believes that mums should not let a gap on their CV hold them back.

“I had a long break from my career when my children were a lot younger and there had been some big changes while I was away… everyone was on email for a start! But I knew I could do it and I soon settled back in, so I’m open-minded with other people,” she says.

It depends on the employer, of course, but I do place women who’ve had time away from work with their children. A few years ago, I placed one woman who had been out for 20 years as a mum – that’s definitely the longest! - Julie Rose
“For me, it’s satisfying helping people on their way and into jobs, and I like a challenge. If it’s a mum returner or a young person starting off on their journey, that’s always a bonus for me.”

But, adds Julie, mums often sell themselves short and she has seen many CVs that could benefit from the kind of help Successful Mums provides.

“What I do say to mums is that if they’ve done any work in their child’s school – even if it’s unpaid – they need to get that on their CV. If you assist in a school in any way, if you raise money for the PTA or if you work for your partner’s or your husband’s business – and a lot of mums do – that should all be on there too. It really does make a big difference.”

You can find out more about Julie Rose Recruitment here.

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