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Donating to Evelina London instead of birthday presents

Donating to Evelina London instead of birthday presents

Jane Knight is a passionate supporter of Evelina London and was recently featured on their blog with her innovative idea for raising money:

Jane Knight has come up with a brilliant fundraising idea to help children at Evelina London. She is a long-term fundraiser who aims to raise £1,500 before the end of the year, through a combination of monthly running events and also using children’s birthdays as an opportunity to donate.

When her children go to birthday parties, Jane asks parents if they mind her donating £10 to Evelina London Children’s Hospital instead of buying presents - and the answer is usually yes.
"My clients, family and friends have been very supportive," says Jane. "My most recent initiative where I provide a donation instead of a present and send a poster to the birthday girl or boy’s house has been really well received. It is a positive way to introduce charity from a young age."
We agree!

Her son, Daniel, received care at Evelina London for macrocephaly, which is enlargement of the head and can be caused by a number of factors or conditions. It is important for it to be monitored in case other problems develop.

Jane says, "All the people who work at Evelina London were positive, kind, and had a great manner with Daniel and with us. However, they were also very open and realistic with us about the situation."

Jane’s friend’s son also receives ongoing treatment at the hospital, so she is very keen to support the cause.

Jane uses her business, Successful Mums, to help other people get involved with charity fundraising.

‘The monthly events are a great way to keep focused, keep fit and raise funds for the charity. As I deliver training to mums, I am able to have a charity bucket with me and I give my attendees the option to walk, jog or run the monthly events with me, or donate – so, either way, they are doing something positive!’.

Jane’s idea is simple and easy, and anyone can get involved. Next time your child is going to a birthday party, why not try asking their parents if they mind you donating to Evelina London Children’s Hospital instead? You can download Jane's poster here

Or you can support Jane in her fundraising by donating to her fundraising page.

Article reproduced from the Evelina website

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