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Half-term is over, what now?

Half-term is over, what now?

Half-term is over, they’re back at school. You can crack on with that to-do list you were creating during the holiday. It’s not long though until the summer holidays, and 6 weeks later it’s September!

Perhaps in September, your child will start school or pre-school & you’ll have time to think about you. What does that to-do list look like? Go to the gym? Bake your own bread? Clear out your wardrobe?

What about finding a job or realising that dream of starting your own business?

These are easier said than done and the kind of thing over which we might all procrastinate. It’s a big step if you haven’t worked for a while & it can be daunting to return to the workplace; similarly, you might have a great business idea but not have the confidence to take those first steps.

Successful Mums is a dynamic organisation, established by me, Jane Knight, a mum myself. I’ve designed courses to help fellow mums like you return to work – either as an employee or as a business owner. Successful Mums offers several courses to help you overcome the mental blocks that surround returning to work and most importantly, help you reach your potential. The courses help to build confidence, identify skills and provide direction and the taster sessions are a fantastic starting point.

If you’re still in any doubt about whether to sign up, then why not read about some of the Successful Mums who were once in your shoes… look at what they’ve achieved!

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