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Be inspired by Jo Clarke and Lisa Richards - Zero to Hero Runners

Be inspired by Jo Clarke and Lisa Richards - Zero to Hero Runners

We are a voluntary running club who hold 10 week courses (completely free of charge) to get non-runners or lapsed runners fit and active and graduating by taking part in a 5km parkrun.

Be inspired by Jo Clarke and Lisa Richards - Zero to Hero RunnersLisa Richards and I, along with our good friend Dick Griffin, were inspired to start up this group because we are passionate about running and we wanted to ‘give something back’. Cliched? Maybe!

Just turning up at a gym or established aerobics club can be so daunting, but if you are in a group of like-minded beginners all with the same goal – and with the coaches to motivate you week in and week out... well, that seemed to us to be a recipe for success! Our first group had 14 recruits, nearly two years on we often have more than 80 people who turn up to a course.

People love the feeling of belonging to a club and the friendship and encouragement that comes with that.

Sometimes we forget our own worth when we have children, it’s all about personal success. To me, personal success doesn’t mean earning the most money or working my way up an important career ladder. It means doing something of note and showing my children what can be achieved with some hard work and determination. At the same time being able to spend time on my most important job – bringing up my children! I feel lucky that I can share my love of running with others and help them to achieve goals. That to me is the definition of personal success.

The work Successful Mums is doing is great. Career and business advice is something we all benefit from at some point in our life.
Because Lisa, Dick and I (together with all the amazing volunteers we have been able to train along the way) are a team, it doesn’t really feel like I work for myself. The biggest challenge I envisaged was what I would do if the children were sick and I couldn’t get to training... people were relying on us. Luckily we have built up a large network of support which removed this concern.

The most rewarding thing about working for ourselves is that we can call the shots. We never turn anyone away from our courses, we can accommodate most things (buggies, dogs for example!) We can give extra support when it’s needed or extend the number of weeks in a running course if too many participants are struggling. The biggest reward for us though is the looks of absolute determination on the faces of our runners and the looks of absolute elation as they cross the finish line and achieve what they felt was impossible some ten weeks previously. That is priceless.

My top tips for starting your own business can be covered using a race analogy! The first few steps of any race or run are always the hardest… but once you take them, the rest flows.

Use others around you to motivate and guide you and if you surround yourself with the right runners – they will keep you moving when you are tiring and the going gets tough.

And when you cross one finish line, sign up for the next race!

Our website is and our next course is on the 14th September 2016.

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