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Relax into self-employment with Samantha Smith

Relax into self-employment with Samantha Smiths

Successful Mum client Samantha Smith tells us her story...

What is the name of your business?
Samantha Smith Holistic Therapies

What does your business do?
Relaxing treatments to clients in the comfort of their own home including full body massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and natural face lift massage.

How did Successful Mums help?
At the time I was unsure about what to do or where to start.  The 6 week business course helped me gain clarity and focus so I knew what steps to take.  I met other mums in a similar situation and still keep in touch with them now.  I also refer to my notes from the course regularly and cannot thank Jane enough.  It gave me perspective and I'm eternally grateful.

How did Successful Mums help you?
The Business Start-up training gave me clarity and confidence to go it alone. I wasn't sure where to start and which order to do things in. Successful Mums provided a framework to know what to do first. I love the way Jane delivers the training, it’s so informative and motivating.

What inspired you to start your own business?
I had been self-employed on a consultancy basis for many years.  After having my children, and subsequently becoming a single mum, I had to do something that I could work around my family.

I also refer to my notes from the course regularly.
What challenges did you have when starting a business?
Getting to grips with the social media side of the business and being self-employed instead of employed by someone else.

What does personal success mean to you?
Working towards a lifestyle that suits me and my boys.

What is the most challenging thing about working for yourself?
Finding enough hours to work around the boys and getting affordable childcare.

Do something that you’re passionate about and you enjoy.
What is the most rewarding thing about working for yourself?
I absolutely love what I do; I’m very passionate about it.  I wouldn’t ever consider going back to work in an office and doing office hours now - this is my dream profession.

What top tip do you have for other Mums thinking of starting a business?
Do something that you’re passionate about and you enjoy.

What work life balance tip do you have?
Make sure you take time out to reward yourself once in a while

How can we find out more about your business?
I am on Facebook: Samantha Smith Holistic Therapies

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