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What a transformation! Meet Emma Bennett…

What a transformation! Meet Emma Bennett…

I am, what you call, an advanced facialist - I provide luxury problem solving facials to women and men of all ages. I had been working for someone else, working long hours and realised that I had other things that I wanted to do: spend time with my family and pursue my own dreams, so I set about starting my own business.

In 2016 I attended the Successful Mums’ Business Start-Up course and found it really beneficial. Here I was in a room with like-minded women, all of us feeling unsure about our ideas and wondering how we could make them a reality. Week by week Jane helped us focus and stick to a framework along with building confidence in ourselves and our product or service. Jane set small steps each week that were achievable and we felt motivated to do.

And then we were off! My first challenges were that I knew I needed equipment & to create an online presence - I had to sell some belongings on eBay in order to buy the equipment and I just had to get stuck in & embrace social media! I want my business to succeed but sometimes I struggle with focus – if you’re not accountable to anyone, it’s very easy to drift and procrastinate! I still meet with Jane for 1 to 1 coaching and so she helps me to stay on track

I’m in complete control of the direction I want my business, my ideas, my energy and my success

It might be hard work but I love having my own business and earning my own money - I appreciate money more now because I know I made it happen. And I love the freedom of choice that I have - I plan my hours around what’s needed of me as a mum. If I want to take a week off then I do. If it’s a sunny day then I take a long lunch break. I’m in complete control of the direction I want my business, my ideas, my energy and my success.

The funny thing is that I have now been a guest speaker on a Successful Mums course! How things have changed. I tell the mums just to go for it! You don’t have to be the next Karen Brady or Jacqueline Gold. Find your own vision of personal success and take it one step at a time.

You can find out:
Emma’s treatments are available in Chelsea Harbour Club London, Amida Spa Beckenham, Hampton and Harley Street.

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