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Safe hands with Successful Mum Yvonne Line

Safe hands with Successful Mum Yvonne Line

The Business
Yvonne Line - First Aid Trainer: Fun and informative First Aid courses designed for you in south London, Kent and surrounding areas, sharing my skills and experience with parents, grandparents, nurseries, businesses and anyone keen to learn how to save a life and make a difference to those around them.

How Successful Mums helped
After attending Successful Mums Business Start-up Taster Session, Jane helped me to realise that “I can find a good mix of work and family life” and that I didn’t need to settle back into a job that Safe hands with Successful Mum Yvonne Linetook me away from my gorgeous children and husband. I took so many ideas from the session, it gave me the confidence and the boost I needed.

The inspiration
When our youngest son at 3 weeks old stopped breathing, I found I knew exactly what to do. The whole incident only lasted 10-20 seconds but it felt like forever. From this day, I knew I wanted to help others do the same in this type of situation. Eight years ago I volunteered as a First Aid Trainer for the Army Cadet Force, so when the opportunity came up to leave the police after my maternity leave I took the leap into the world of freelance first aid training and I’ve not looked back since.

Challenges along the way
My biggest challenge was the confidence to move away from the security of employee benefits, pension, annual leave, sick pay and a team to work alongside.

Being your own boss – Plan B
There is very little back up when working for myself; if I can’t work because one of the boys is sick or school is off, then the work doesn’t get done and I’m constantly chasing to catch up. Thankfully I always make sure there’s a Plan B in place for my first aid courses, so I’ve never cancelled a course yet! I’m loving being in a job where I can pick and choose the hours I work and I can finally be around for weekends, half terms and holidays without having to check a team calendar.

Top tips
Make it your top priority to attend one of Jane’s Successful Mums sessions. It will open your eyes to areas you hadn’t even considered yet and give you the confidence to say “Yes I can do this” and walk out with your invisible crown on and your head held high.

Find out more…
Please come and see what I can offer you, your friends, family or colleagues on my Facebook page.

To start your Successful Mums Journey like Yvonne join us at the next taster session.

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