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Sarah Levene Redundancy Success

Sarah Leven Redundancy Success

Being made redundant doesn’t have to be the end, it’s the start of a new chapter and a new you...

This happened to Sarah Levene who was determined to use this new chapter to find a job that would fit in around her young daughter and a better work life balance.

Sarah decided to go for it and attend the Successful Mums Back-to-Work course and despite feeling a little nervous, she stepped outside her comfort zone

And she’s so pleased she did! Sarah admits that she needed a boost “Jane’s energy and positivity resonated with Sarah and she loved the idea of ‘wearing your invisible crown’” The support from the other mums in the group gave her the confidence to believe in herself and have the ‘in it to win it’ attitude.

Sarah’s new confidence resulted in a new role as a neighbourhood assistant with, a role which allows her to spend time with her daughter too!

Congratulations Sarah!

To start your Successful Mums Journey like Sarah join us at the next Back-to-Work taster session.

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