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The night that inspired my business... by Donna Ford

The night that inspired my business... by Donna Ford

My second son was born in January 2016 and I felt like I spent the rest of last year in a mental fog, not really sure what work I was going to do when my maternity leave was up.

I have been a community dance teacher and choreographer for over ten years teaching all ages from babies up to 90 year olds and loved helping people be creative every day. It was a wonderfully fulfilling and diverse job but after having my children, I felt like my passion dwindled and being a freelancer, I found myself with no work to return to. This got me thinking that there must be other passions on my heart that I could turn into a business.

So, I signed up for the Successful Mums Start Your Own Business taster workshop organised by the lovely Helen Hamston of Mummy’s Gin Fund as a community fundraising event.

It was a really inspiring night and I loved hearing everyone's ideas of becoming a birth photographer, running mum and baby exercise classes, a lampshade business and a little black dress company -
Donna Ford

It was a really well organised, planned workshop. Jane Knight from Successful Mums advised me to get a journal and organise my thoughts and I left with one thing ringing in my ears - that phone call in a year’s time.

Jane promised to call us all in exactly a year’s time to see what we had put into action and how our businesses were doing. Eek!

I knew I loved interior design but was really put off the idea of doing further training. I have a BA (Hons) degree and two diplomas and couldn’t bear doing any more studying. I started realising that I really wanted to run my own business, I just didn’t know what that was yet! I enjoyed a rest over Christmas not thinking anything about my career and then in the first week of January I had a lightbulb moment. I was reading a parenting blog and realised that I could actually set up my own interior design blog which could lead on to paid work.

I did extensive research into other bloggers in the industry and took friends of friends who had connections in the industry out for a drink to bend their ear.

Both of these were tips Jane suggested at the workshop - Two things that Jane said have stuck in mind - what problem are you solving for your target audience and always wear your invisible crown. As a trained dancer, I am aware of how your stance and posture affects your mind-set but I have only started to reap the benefits of doing this now. That night inspired me and my Business. Big thank you to Jane at Successful Mums and Helen at MGF for making it happen!

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