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Snap shot of a Successful Mum

Snap shot of a Successful Mum

Successful Mums have helped thousands of women with career and business advice. This time we talk to Justyna.

I was inspired to set-up my own business when my first daughter was only 17 months old. I’ve been on such a journey, there is so much to learn when you are your own boss.

The Successful Mums Business Start-up Course really helped though, I loved how the course was designed specifically for mums and delivered by a Successful Mum, Jane Knight!

It gave me a sense of direction, the 12 steps to take and how to stay focused and provided answers to the many challenges I was experiencing.

One of those challenges has been managing to take time off and achieving the right balance. No matter how short, I make time to switch off from the business and spend quality time, walking to school with the children, eating together and meeting friends. This means that when I work, I’m more focussed and effective.

The balance of seeing my children grow-up and achieving personal work goals feels like personal success, it is a great privilege and satisfying to know that I brighten people's lives with lovely portraits of their families.

It gave me a sense of direction and so many ideas about how to work effectively, stay focused and answers to the many challenges business can bring -

Jane is always willing to showcase the skills of her Successful Mum Graduates in the day to day running of her own business. I recently was commissioned by Jane to take photographs at one of her Personal Branding workshops in Orpington.

If I was starting my business again, I would tell myself that word of mouth advertising is still the best way of getting more customers. Invest your time and energy in a brilliant customer experience rather than expensive advertising in print.

Big thank you to Jane and her team for the Business course advice and ongoing support. To start your Successful Mums Journey like Justyna join us at the next Business Start-up Taster Session.

Find out more about Justyna on her website: or Facebook:

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