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Networking and Celebrating Successful Mums in 2017

My seven year break from work flew by. In a blink of an eye my new chapter as a mummy was not so new anymore and my baby was growing up and in full time school. This was the right was time to go back to work.

The previous chapter of my life had been filled with commuting to London and working in an Investment Bank. This was no longer the right fit for my family life now, but I wasn’t really sure what to do next.

I’d heard great things about the Successful Mums Back to Work courses and decided to sign up for the next session. The course, lead by Jane Knight was so inspirational and wonderfully uplifting. It was really comforting to be surrounded by mums in the same situation; on the edge of something great but apprehensive.

I’d heard great things about the Successful Mums courses and the course material along with Jane’s confidence boosting tips and analogies energised me on my quest for a job - Amanda

The course material and Jane’s confidence boosting tips along with analogies energised me on my quest for a job.

I went to interviews with a friendly smile and wearing my invisible crown, which gave me the confidence to be the best version of me and really sell my experience

. It wasn’t long before I was successful and accepted a job as a Finance Assistant in a local school. I absolutely love being back at work and I couldn’t be happier with the next chapter, in my book of life, as a working mum.

Find your next chapter and book on to the Back to Work course HERE.

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