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Antje’s on her way to her dream job

Antje’s on her way to her dream job

Read about Antje who is now Executive Administrator after attending our Successful Mums Back to Work Course in September 2017.

A mum to five-year-old twin girls, Antje had previously worked in the banking industry and had been at home for six years when she contacted Successful Mums. With the girls starting school, she was ready to go back to work but didn’t want to return to the world of banking. Here, Antje takes up her story:

My biggest challenges were not having an up-to-date CV and being unsure how employers would see me after a career break of six years. I wanted help with interview techniques, preparation and knowing where to look for a job that would offer the flexible working hours I needed to still be on hand for my children.

The Back to Work Course helped me update my CV and identify some clear objectives. It was excellent, Jane Knight introduced the course and made us all feel really welcome. The course itself was very well organised and Georgina, the trainer, was approachable, knowledgeable and empathetic.

Antje’s on her way to her dream job

Georgina helped us identify the skills we’d developed as mums and transfer them to the workplace. The peer support within the group was beneficial as we were all in the same boat. I’ve recommended the training to my friends; it’s perfect for women wanting to return to work.

I used my updated CV and newly acquired knowledge of where to look for flexible work to secure a role as Executive Administrator within a headhunting company in the chemical industry. I’m responsible for all their event management and run their Executive Club.

I now work 13 hours a week from home for a flexible employer, which fits in perfectly with my family’s needs. I’m very happy with the flexibility and the people I work with are lovely. There’s scope for travel next year and, with the event side growing further, I may well be on my way to having my dream job...

Big thank you to Successful Mums!

To take your first steps towards your own dream job, book a place on our Back To Work course today.

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