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Julie has designs on a flexible career

Julie has designs on a flexible career Finding a local, flexible job in a field you love can seem like a big ask. Design buff Julie certainly thought so – until Successful Mums came along. She shares her story here.

I studied textile design at college and worked in luxury interiors for 13 years. In 2015, after a brief move to Dorset, my family and I settled back into life in London and I took a career break to focus on my children, who were six and three at the time.

When I joined Jane Knight’s Back to Work course last year, I just wanted to find work that would fit around my boys. I loved what I did before but didn’t necessarily think I’d be able to find a flexible job that was relevant to my experience or that would allow me to maintain my career.

The course really gave me focus. When you’re going back to work and you’re considering all the different options, it’s easy to lose direction. But Jane helped me realise that I’d be happier doing something that drew on my skills and background.

It was like having someone to hold my hand until I got my mojo back! It really helped my confidence. Jane advised me on updating my CV and getting my online profile back up to date. It was even helpful just to hear that there really were flexible jobs out there and employers who would want to hire me.

The perfect flexible job turned up out of the blue when I was four weeks into the course. Jane emailed it out and I jumped on it! I felt so lucky that it had come along.

I’m now assisting an interior designer, so I’m doing something I love and all my experience is relevant. I work part-time, it’s local and the hours fit around the school run. It’s also great to be going out to work again, not least because when you’re a mum, you often put your own needs at the bottom of the pile!

Successful Mums was a really positive experience for me. The Back to Work course was very digestible and not too intense. You tap into an incredibly supportive network of women just by being there and Jane is so good at getting the best out of you. I recommended it to another mum recently and she said: ‘That sounds like just what I need. I want to get back to work but I feel like I need a bit of a warm hug into it.’ And that is exactly what it is!

Thinking of returning to work in 2018? Successful Mums can help you focus on your goals and find a flexible job you love. Book your place on our fully funded Back to Work* course today.

*(warm hugs included!)

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