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Jane Knight's Monthly Column - March 2018

Join Successful Mums for the ride in 2018Helping women #PressforProgress every day

Today is International Women’s Day and, as we begin another busy month at Successful Mums, it’s great to remind ourselves that the work we do is part of a much bigger picture.

This year’s theme is a global call to #PressforProgress on gender parity and I feel proud of the steps we’re taking to help women get back to work, start their own businesses and improve their work-life balance in ways that won’t hold them back.

One of the IWD commitments that we’re all being asked to sign up to is also something I am passionate about: celebrating women’s achievements.

Celebrating our Successful Mums’ achievements is one of the things I love most about my job and we share their stories on our website every week. I’m constantly inspired by seeing how far these women have come, whether rebuilding their confidence, finding a job they love, progressing at work or driving their businesses to the next level.

This week, we’re showcasing more of our mums’ achievements to connect with the millions of women around the world celebrating this special day. Among those to look out for are Back to Work mum Nicky, who landed the perfect term-time job after her first interview in 11 years, and the determined Trina, who started not one but two businesses with our help.

But for me, it’s important to applaud not only the big steps – the job offers and the sparkly new businesses – but also the small steps our mums take as they start a new chapter in their lives.

Our Successful Mums tell us time and again that one of the biggest challenges they face is a loss of confidence. On almost every Taster course we run, mums worry about what they can put in the “big blank space” on their CV.

But once we begin to brainstorm the skills they’ve developed as parents that they can take into the workplace, all that begins to change. There’s always a buzz in the room as we fill a huge board with the soft skills that many employers are crying out for. By recognising and valuing these skills – often for the first time – many women walk away feeling empowered and ready to take their next steps.

As our brilliant guest speaker Susanna Lawson put it at our February Taster in Bromley: as mums, we need to spend less time beating ourselves up and more time bigging ourselves up.

As we continue to #PressforProgress this month, Successful Mums would love to help you make that change.

So put on your invisible crown, give yourself an early Mother’s Day present and book onto one of our friendly Taster Sessions today – and we could soon be celebrating you!

Make it happen in March, Jane x

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