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Flex appeal: 5 ways flexibility can enhance your business

Flex appeal: 5 ways flexibility can enhance your business There’s never been a better time to embrace flexible working. New workplace technologies, changing expectations about work-life balance and a growing awareness of the benefits of going flexible are fuelling a shift away from the “9 to 5”.

With our great connections to skilled, experienced and motivated women looking for flexible work, Successful Mums is helping more businesses than ever before reap the rewards that flexibility brings.

Here are five ways flexible working can give your business the upper hand:

1. More engaged employees and increased productivity
Research has shown that offering flexible working can help increase employee engagement, motivation and loyalty, all of which have a positive effect on productivity. A better work-life balance can reduce stress and improve the health and wellbeing of employees, reducing absenteeism.

2. Attract and retain the best talent
By offering flexibility, employers not only widen the pool of potential candidates for their vacancies but also have a greater chance of attracting and retaining key talent. You can read about how Successful Mums helped employer Will Mundow connect to high-calibre flexible candidates to find the best possible match for his team here.

3. Bring new skills to your team
Recruiting flexibly can be a cost-effective way of bringing more senior, skilled or experienced staff into an organisation. In our recent success story here, local business woman Suzanne Elsey talks about how recruiting two skilled and flexible women through Successful Mums enabled her to “bring so much more to my business than if I’d taken on one person full-time.”

4. Reduce overheads and improve efficiency
Remote working, hotdesking and jobsharing can all reduce office overheads. Flexible working can help optimise staffing levels at peak hours or during employees’ holiday periods. Embracing staggered hours can also help businesses offer extended hours of operation in key areas such as customer service in a cost-effective way.

5. Improve diversity
A flexible working policy can help improve diversity and promote a positive company culture that is attractive to both customers and potential employees. It’s also worth remembering that parents with family commitments are far from the only people who want to work flexibly and it’s something that growing numbers of young jobseekers are coming to expect. Offering flexibility now could be a great way to future-proof your workforce.

Successful Mums works with flexible and family-friendly employers to support skilled women back into work. To find out more about the different ways we can connect your business to experienced, reliable and motivated candidates looking for flexible work, contact

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