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Good for mums, good for business

Good for mums, good for business We’re pleased to announce that new Successful Mums research aimed at helping employers retain their returning mums is gracing the front page of FE News today.

The leading further education magazine features an article on our Returner Survey, part of a drive to help employers gain a better understanding of how to support women returning to work after maternity leave and keep their skills, experience and potential within their organisation for longer.

Developed by Jane Knight and OneFile co-founder Susanna Lawson, the research explores the practical steps businesses can take to ease returning mums’ transition back to work.

“As working mums ourselves, both Susanna and I are passionate about helping women overcome the challenges they face returning to work after having children. And as employers and businesswomen, we also know that employers who do not support and retain their women returners have an awful lot to lose,” says Jane.

Data is being collected on the offer, uptake and effectiveness of initiatives ranging from Keeping In Touch (KIT) days and gradual return to work, to flexible working and refresher training. Jane and Susanna hope the results will help them identify which actions have the best possible outcomes for both women’s experiences and employers’ ability to retain returning staff.

“We aim to pinpoint any training needs that exist among employers – for example, around managing cultural change or designing flexibility into jobs – and will look at how we can develop and deliver that training in the future,” says Jane.

“There’s a real chance here for businesses to take practical steps to ensure they make the most of the skilled and experienced women that are already within their organisation – and, going forward, to make themselves more attractive to key talent in the market.

“This is not only good for mums, it’s good for business, it’s good for diversity in the workplace and it’s good for the economy as a whole.”

We’re looking forward to sharing our findings with you in the coming months. In the meantime, you can read the full FE News article here and find out more about how Successful Mums can help your organisation connect with talented women returners here.

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