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Back to School – Back to Work

Back to School – Back to Work

September is all about new uniforms, new teachers and a new start for children, but what about a new YOU?  The thought of getting back to 9 to 5 can be daunting for some, but it doesn’t have to be daunting or a 9 to 5 job either...

Think about the many mum skills you already have, make sure you include your parenting skills on your CV. Time management, organizational skills, negotiation and conflict management for a start.

Tell the world you are looking for work, let people know your plans. You’ll be surprised how many jobs are filled by knowing someone.

Do practice your pitch, if you bumped into Richard Branson at a party what would you say about yourself and your ideal job?

Flip it, think about all your options, you don’t have to do what you did before, there are hundreds of new careers that need your skills and offer flexible hours too.

Always stay positive, returning to work can feel overwhelming, but stay upbeat and set yourself small steps of progress.

One final thought, you haven’t had a break in your career you have had a very important sabbatical to do the most important and multi skilled job ever!

Successful Mums help Mums back to work or to start a business through our professional friendly training courses. Meet like-minded women and benefit from career or business advice, connections with employers and confidence to help you get your MOJO back.

Join Jane and her team for one of her FREE 90-minute taster sessions or the BACK TO WORK courses to find out how Successful Mums can help YOU.

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