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Summer Holidays are over - What's next?

Summer Holidays are over - What's next?

As the start of a new school year approaches, your child may be starting nursery, school or heading off to uni? A new chapter begins, watching your children learn, make new friends and gain new experiences.

But what’s next for YOU? Maybe you have already put a plan in place for the extra hours and have your to-do list jotted down; join a gym, start a degree or volunteer at your local charity. But if you’re wondering what you will do with that window of time, have you thought about finding a part-time job or becoming your own boss by turning a hobby into a business?

It’s a big step if you haven’t worked for a while or you might have a great business idea but not have the confidence to take those first steps, Successful Mums can help… we have designed courses to help fellow mums like you return to work, either as an employee or as a business owner.

Our training helps change can’t to can and overcome the fears that surround returning to work and most importantly, help you reach your potential. The courses help to build confidence, identify skills and provide direction...

Taster SessionsIf you are not sure where to start, our TASTER SESSIONS are a great platform for those first steps.
Successful Mums
Taster SessionsOur popular BACK TO WORK courses provide career advice, confidence techniques, where to find the part-time vacancies along with work-life balance tips for returning to work and includes a 1 to 1 career coaching session.
Successful Mums
Taster SessionsIf you are thinking of becoming your own boss or developing an existing business, join us on one of our creative and enterprising BUSINESS START-UP courses. They cover key topics including business planning, marketing and troubleshooting, along with networking opportunities and connections to local mentors.
Successful Mums
If you’re still in any doubt about whether to sign up, then why not read about some of the Successful Mums who were once in your shoes… look at what they’ve achieved!

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