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From comfort zone to new career for Successful Mum Louise

From comfort zone to new career for Successful Mum Louise When Louise decided to return to the work she loved, her biggest challenge was getting out of her comfort zone. Here, she explains how Successful Mums helped her break out of her 'mum bubble' and into a new career.

I was full of self-doubt, scared of starting the next chapter of my life and moving away from the cosy “mum bubble” I’d created for myself. Before my children were born, I had an extremely full-on job in finance, which I loved. But after six years at home, I’d lost confidence and I wasn’t sure where to look for work or how to get the ball rolling.

I came across Successful Mums at a Taster Session held with Mummy’s Gin Fund and it was the gentle handhold I needed. It gave me a boost to start a bookkeeping course to keep my finance qualifications and experience relevant and, a year later, I enrolled on the Back to Work course.

Georgina, my tutor, was so friendly and engaging, I really felt like she had all of our backs. It was so nice to be with a group of women who shared the same goal. No one judged when we expressed our concerns and worries and I felt I was part of something extremely positive.

The course was excellent and the advice on writing a CV was invaluable. One of the reasons it took me so long to actively seek work was the fear of how to write a good CV, especially with a six-year employment gap, but Georgina helped me prepare one I felt confident in. She gave me focus and made me realise what skills I actually have to offer. Without that, I don’t think I’d have pushed myself to find the best job for me.

I’m now working as a business and finance assistant at London South Bank University. It was strange being the new girl again but the team I work with has been extremely welcoming and supportive. I work three days a week and it’s been the perfect way to get back into working life.

My fear that my home life would collapse around me has not materialised! Everybody has coped well with the changes and, as I work flexibly, I can still do the morning school run. Half-term was the first challenge in terms of childcare but, with some careful planning and amazing help from my in-laws, we made it through in one piece!

I can now see that I have a lot more to give and that I can still be myself and be a mum. A massive thank you, Successful Mums, for helping me get my mojo back!

Successful Mums can help you break out of the 'mum bubble', too. Book your place on one of our fun and free Taster sessions or fully funded Back to Work courses today.

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