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Stylist Sarah is dressed for success

Stylist Sarah is dressed for success Fear of taking the first steps was holding Sarah back from starting her own business. But, as the stylist and mum-of-two recalls here, a chance encounter with Successful Mums proved just the motivation she needed.

I’d been a stylist for a few years at Oasis in Bluewater when I bumped into Jane Knight there. We starting talking about how, when you’re a mum, you can almost lose yourself a bit and how personal styling can help you rebuild your confidence. We decided it would be great to do something together for mums returning to work.

We held a “Style Yourself Confident” workshop with Successful Mums, which was brilliant. We talked about ideas for what to wear for interviews, we did some make-up sessions, quick hairdos and a Q&A, and it all went down really well.

I’d always wanted to work for myself but had never felt brave enough. Not long after the workshop, I went to a Successful Mums Business Start-up course and met so many mums like me, women with families who were confident they could start their own businesses, I thought: “If they can do it – so can I!” I went home and started googling styling courses that same day.

I started Dressed By Sarah, my personal styling business, last year and I’m so glad I overcame the fear and just did it. It’s a real passion of mine and I love meeting new clients and helping them. It’s not only celebrities who deserve stylists; sometimes us normal people (with normal budgets) need a little help being the best versions of ourselves, too.

I’m learning to really enjoy the journey and, after a crazy, busy Christmas, the business is now growing at a pace I can cope with. At the moment, my children are still my priority in life and I’ve been able to fit it around my time with them. I’m also still working for Oasis and getting great opportunities there, so I’m enjoying the best of both worlds.

It’s amazing to get emails from happy clients who say that I’ve helped them feel more confident or it’s changed their lives. I’ve worked in fashion for 15 years but great feedback feels much more personal when it’s your own business.

My proudest moment so far was when my seven-year-old daughter announced that she wanted to be a businesswoman, too! She wanted to make and sell bath bombs and so, out of her own money, we ordered the things she needed and she did it. She even made her own little business cards. I was so proud that she’d seen what I was doing and felt she could do the same.

I’m looking forward to helping lots more clients edit and overhaul their wardrobes this year and am also now offering a mother of the bride and bridesmaids styling service. I love what I do and am so happy that Successful Mums gave me the confidence to go out and do it.

You can find out more about Sarah’s personal styling business here.

If you’d love to start your own business but need an injection of confidence and inspiration to get your ideas off the ground, Successful Mums can help. Book a place on our free Taster session, fully funded Business Start-up course or new Executive Business Workshop today.

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