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Successful Mums helped me stop procrastinating and start my dream business

Successful Mums helped me stop procrastinating and start my dream business

Mama + Max founder Emma Chamberlain had been toying with the idea for her contemporary online baby store for years but something always seemed to get in the way. Here, she explains how Successful Mums helped her stop procrastinating and bring her dream brand to life

I’ve always had a creative side. I worked in fashion for 12 years and love seeking out things that are a little bit different. When I had my son, Max, that became even more apparent. I just didn’t like the things I could buy on the high street: everything seemed to be covered in blue dinosaurs for boys or pink fairies for girls. Whenever I was up at night with Max, I’d end up on the internet, looking for things that were more design-led.

The idea for Mama + Max was in the back of my mind for a while. I realised that if I could bring beautiful, modern and unique brands together in one place, then that’s exactly where I’d want to shop. I knew that a lot of parents out there would feel the same.

I heard Jane Knight talk about Successful Mums at a networking event near my home in Tonbridge and everything she said about starting your own business resonated with me. With it all ticking over in my mind, I signed up for her Business Start-up Diploma.

The course gave me an amazing opportunity to develop the brand I’d always wanted to create. Working to deadlines meant I had to stop procrastinating but I actually work better under pressure. Before the course, I could have easily sat thinking about a business plan for five months or more and things would always get in the way of finishing it. Suddenly, I had a week to submit it!

I was amazed by how quickly my brand grew and developed and that I had the confidence and ability to do it. Jane and my course coach, Derryn, gave me so much support along the way. So did the other mums in the group: they even helped me choose my business’s name.

I love the flexibility of being my own boss and being able to work around Max. I’ve launched my website and am about to put my marketing skills into practice. One of the things I’m really excited about promoting is my bespoke gift box service. My ultimate goal is for Mama + Max to become a one-stop shop for families who love beautiful, simple and modern design.

You can find out more about Mama + Max here and follow them on Instagram.

The Successful Mums Business Start-up Diploma can help you turn your business ideas into reality, too. Click here to book your free* place on our Greenwich, Croydon or Bromley course this October.

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