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Mum No.1 Stacy Benham

Stacey Benham Stacy Benham became involved with Successful Mums after applying for a role on our jobs’ board this year, 2016.

What key goals have you achieved in 2016?

Being back in the work place for a whole six months! Successful Mums and their Job Board couldn’t have come at a better time! A really happy milestone to have achieved, after being a stay at home mum for over three years.

How have you achieved this?
Working for a family friendly, flexible employer who allows me to shuffle my working days when needed and adjust my hours to suit my own needs, as well as my employer’s commitments, has enabled a ‘stress free’, practical method of working which has proved extremely successful.

What does 2017 hold?
Hopefully, much more of the same is to come in 2017, doing a job I really enjoy which suits my family’s needs. My youngest son also starts primary school next year and so, as both of my younger children will finally be attending the same school (making drop offs and collections easier) I will have more to offer my employer in terms of availability, therefore giving me the potential to buck the current trend and achieve a small salary boost! Did someone say it’s time to book that big, family holiday!?!?!

Festive tip…
A Christmas tradition for me is to cook the turkey upside down!! Rub a sage, black pepper, and salted butter mix under the skin of the crown, turn the bird upside down in a roasting tray and fill the bottom of the pan with chicken stock; loosely fill the cavity with stuffing and wrap tightly in tented silver foil. Pop in the oven overnight at 150° and you have a perfectly moist turkey by morning. Turn it over, re-tent with foil and cover with a large towel until you’re ready to serve with Christmas lunch!

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