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Mum No.3 Leyla Mustafa

Mum No.3 Leyla Musafa

Leyla Mustafa attended the Successful Mums 6 week Back-to-Work course in 2016. Since helping her find her ideal job,  she has gone from strength to strength!

What have you achieved in 2016?

I started a book keeping & accounting course and passed levels 1 & 2; I’m due to start level 3 in January.

I started temping in the City as a receptionist which lead to me covering travel and expenses for teams in the office.  I have since been promoted to Team Secretary/P.A and will be looking after quite a few managing directors which will be a lot more work.

I have also wanted to sing and act for a long time; I have finally been in the studio and finished my song which went up on iTunes, the video has been released on YouTube.  I have been modelling for a clothing line and I'm due to perform in my first series which will be out next year some time.

How have you achieved this?
Throughout this year I have been very determined and focused on what I wanted and was just positive! the Successful Mums course really helped me focus. My secret is reading the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne - it really does work!

It's amazing: I never would have believed or even thought that what seemed to be the worst year ended up being the best year I've had in terms of career.  Any goals you set, you will reach them if stay on the ball.

What does 2017 hold?
This year has ended so well for me I couldn't be happier. My kids and I have finally moved into our permanent home just in time for Christmas. I have just been told my new role officially starts at the beginning of January. I want to spend quality time with the children and now I'm going to be able to afford their first holiday in 2017!

Festive Song...
My favourite song is Mariah Carey ‘All I want for Christmas is you’

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