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Mum No.4 Jane Altree

Mum No.4 Jane Altree

Jane Altree’s business, Altree Rose, started as a reflexology and massage service for women before, during and after pregnancy. She came to the Business Start-up course in 2015

What have you achieved in 2016?

I have continued to develop my business by completing a baby yoga course and have a successful class running in Bromley. I finished my peer support breast feeding course and continue to develop my knowledge by volunteering at a breastfeeding drop-in session.

How have you achieved this?
It has been a tricky year with family commitments: my husband fractured his leg and needed an operation; my eldest son started secondary school. I have needed to prioritise at times and take one day at a time. I remembered from the course that progress is important not being perfect. Small steps.

It's amazing: I never would have believed or even thought that what seemed to be the worst year ended up being the best year I've had in terms of career.  Any goals you set, you will reach them if stay on the ball.

What does 2017 hold?
2017 is going to be an exciting time. I have been asked to speak at the Beckenham baby expo in June. I am going to expand my support for mums by working with other professionals. I’m forever thank for the support and knowledge I gained from Successful Mums that has given me the confidence to pursue my goals.

Festive traditions...
I love Christmas! For me Christmas starts with the picking of the tree. This is a family event and takes some time. Everybody helps to decorate and the lounge becomes a sea of baubles and tangled lights. Each family member has one special decoration to put on the tree before the lights are switched on.

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