Meet Luci, a Successful Mum who completed her Business Start-up Course 3 years ago!

Since then, Luci’s photography business has gone from strength to strength working with a range of clients in Bromley, London and the wider south-east.

Today I caught up with Luci to find out how she is adapting her business at this time….

How have you been managing the working and home-schooling?

Gosh, it’s been challenging, but I’ve found as time’s gone on, I’ve become much better at prioritising what is most important!

How have you adapted your business in light of COVID 19

I wanted to find a way to help people during this time, whilst of course, maintaining a social distance, and still earning a living. With this in mind, I have created the Corona Small Business Support Package. It includes a selection of 15 headshot and some personal branding images (with the option to show how your business has adapted for working with clients), completely tailored to fit you and your business.

It’s a great way to freshen up your online presence/forthcoming social media campaigns in relation to the ‘new now’ and help you “stand out”.

As part of a promotion, I am running a competition for a business to win one of these shoots. Just let me know in a few words why this package would really help your business! Find out more and enter HERE.

What support and advice do you still use from the Successful Mums Course?

1. Set yourself time-bound goals and break them down into smaller steps.

2. Take decisions quickly so as not to miss opportunities.

3. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising!

Finally, how can we find out more about you?

On my WebsiteFacebook page or Instagram account.

We look forward to seeing the results of the competition! If you would like to find out more about the courses we are running, check out our  Courses & Events page HERE