On behalf of myself and all of my Successful Mums, I want to offer up a big thank you to everyone who supported and sponsored our recent 100ft Abseil down Kings College Hospital. We were scaling buildings in aid of Team Aubrey and the Evelina Children’s Hospital.

Our 15 strong team were nervous but excited to be doing our bit to help Team Aubrey raise £4000.

Abseilee, and initially nervous mum, Carmel Huffer said “When I was asked to do an abseil to raise funds in the name of Aubrey Atkins for the Evelina Children’s Hospital, I couldn’t say no. As the day approached, my sleep pattern became more and more erratic as I tried not to think about the instant I would step off the 100ft ledge. It’s worth noting that I am petrified of heights and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to go through with it. I just kept thinking that my fear was a drop in the ocean compared to what Karissa, Terry and Avaleigh and their amazing Aubrey have been through. On the day I was standing at the top of the building, and I heard them call my name. My stomach turned, my mouth become dry, and I burst into tears – in front of everyone. But the support of my friends, family and all of Team Aubrey saw my take the first step . . . and I have to say, I honestly enjoyed it. I won’t pretend I would do it again, but I’m proud of myself and what we achieved as a team. If I learned one thing it’s never doubt what you can do.”

We were impressed with the business sense of 6 year old Avaleigh, Aubrey’s older sister. She decided we should all wear orange wristbands and she is continuing to sell them as a way to raise funds and awareness for Evelina Children’s Hospital. You can get your wristband at www.maisieandfrank.com or www.techniqueshair.co.uk. We see a successful entrepreneur in the making!

It’s not too late for you to support Team Aubrey, or to learn a little more about the amazing boy behind out adventure.