Successful Mums Career Academy has supported thousands of women back into the workforce after a career break.

We have had numerous conversations and collected thousands of data sets from prospective working mothers regarding their major challenges. While we have identified hundreds of challenges, the ones that stand out to Successful Mums are the “Three Cs”: confidence, career advice, and childcare.

1. Confidence

Many women have told us that taking a career break and loss of confidence go hand in hand. No matter how polished, professional or on top of their game they once felt, the mere thought of having been “out of the loop” or feeling a little rusty can stop them from pursuing the jobs they really want. Some have never been in paid employment, while others have been teachers or lawyers. Regardless of their background, they all have something in common, losing their career mojo.

The Successful Mums Confidence Course aims to address the confidence gap by providing a foundation of self-esteem and confidence, and recognising that parenting is, in fact, a superpower! Using NLP techniques, growth mindset, along with peer support and guest speakers, 92% of mums feel more confident after attending our courses.

We offer online learning modules, live webinars and dedicated back-to-work trainers to get our mums “work ready” in six weeks. We provide support every step of the way, helping mums identify the transferable skills and accomplishments they gained through parenting. Additionally, we ensure they have the must-have digital skills employers are looking for. From online diary management, virtual meetings to presentation software and AI, we provide digestible and flexible training that fits.

2. Career advice

Returning to work after a career break is the ideal time for our audience of women returners to reassess their career and think about what they want in this next, exciting chapter. We provide information about various career options, many of which include training and the flexibility they are after. With a wide network of employers, we ask relevant, open questions to identify what these women really want to do, rather than what they think they should do, or did before.

Personalised advice and mentoring from our expert trainers will be based on their previous experience, interests and aspirations. We also bring back previous Successful Mum grads to share their stories and career changes, along with employers who have vacancies to share. Our focus is on providing advice and guidance based on the individual’s needs.

3. Childcare

Our courses aim to support mums who want to enter the workforce but are held back due to childcare responsibilities. We provide guidance on childcare options, facilities and financial assistance, as well as creative strategies for balancing work and family. Our trainers are mums too and have a wealth of advice and personal experiences to share. Working with various specialist early years agencies, we connect these women with resources that will help them make the best decision for their family, giving them peace of mind to find a job they love and regain their career mojo.

If you want to find out what courses Successful Mums Career Academy can offer you, register your interest HERE and one of our friendly team will be in touch.

Start your back-to-work journey with ‘The Three Cs’ today. All our courses are fully funded and therefore free, if you meet the eligibility criteria.