A cutting-edge Kent-based social media course will help more mums get back into the workplace. The Social Media Executive Programme from Bromley-based firm, Successful Mums launches in March 2015 from The Warren in Bromley and will provide in-depth training on how to use social media as a powerful marketing tool for any type of business. It will also give practical advice about starting a business and hands-on work experience placements following the training, which could even lead to permanent positions.

Roles, where mothers or carers can work from home or on flexible hours, can be difficult to find, but this course is ideal for training staff for this type of work, as social media marketing can be done out of standard working hours or from home.

Jane Knight is the founder of Successful Mums and one of the course trainers: 

“One of the biggest barriers for women returning to work is the flexibility of a job to fit around childcare. For this reason many are now looking to retrain in industries where such flexibility is assured, rather than returning to their previous jobs. Social media marketing is just one example of a job which can fit in perfectly with both an employer’s and a mother’s needs, as it can be done anywhere and at any time.”

She adds: “Another common concern is that part-time salaries often don’t even cover the cost of childcare. However, if you are working for yourself and especially in the social media marketing sector, it gives women the capacity to substantially raise their earnings threshold with entry-level salaries of around £25 an hour.”

“Time and again we have seen candidates come through our courses who feel far more confident about returning to the workplace and are delighted with the newfound freedom and expertise our training has given them. This course is an investment in their future.” 

The 1 day a week, six-week course will cover topics such as using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for marketing purposes and helping to set up a new business or find flexible employment.