Charlotte, Lisa and Jane from Successful Mums with Howard Dawbar, Deputy Mayor of London for Business and Growth

We are delighted that our fantastic Working in Schools Programme is a finalist in the No Wrong Door Open Innovation Challenge based on the best of innovation and dedication to social impact.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) initiative is designed to support projects that have the potential to scale up and make a significant impact on Londoners – particularly diverse groups including women into employment.

From over 80 inspiring organisations that put forward their projects, Successful Mums is honoured to be among the 15 chosen finalists.

It’s a true testament to our team’s hard work and passion driving the new Working in Schools (WIS) Programme, which launched at the start of the year.

We are thrilled with the results so far – in just six months we have supported dozens of mums to build their confidence, learn about the many fantastic career options in education and secure jobs in schools. Many of these women have now found employment and we will be sharing these wonderful stories over the coming months.

Mums like Successful Mum graduate Maya Patel, who recently commented, “I’ve gained so much knowledge and confidence, met amazing women, got to do something for me, I feel so proud of myself, and my family will benefit too, I’m starting my new school role in September.”

The Working in Schools Programme came to life because we saw a clear connection between two pressing needs.

On one side, many mums were eager to re-enter the workforce through flexible and family-friendly school roles but felt stuck due to a lack of confidence and direction.

On the other, schools were grappling with a growing skills shortage. We knew there had to be a way to bring these two together. Particularly as a percentage of our women returners had qualifications in the teacher priority areas including chemistry, computing and mathematics.

The programme is a bridge that not only addresses the barriers these women face but also opens up a world of career possibilities in education. It’s designed in close collaboration with several academy trusts to ensure it meets real needs and delivers real outcomes. We even have guest speakers from schools who can share first-hand with our learner mums the benefits of working in education, along with experience days to bring the project alive.

Here at Successful Mums Career Academy, it’s about much more than just helping mums get back to work. It’s about empowering them to be part of the school community in a way that’s fulfilling and impactful – not just for the school run, but for their career journeys too.

Finalists for the No Wrong Door Innovation Challenge