Read our latest Guest Blog from Ona at The Mummi Blogger on how she overcame her loss of identity and hasn’t looked back since completing our Business Start-up course during the first national lockdown…

Successful Mums are like a ray of sunshine; sprinkling love, hope and inspiration to all the mums they come into contact with and meet. Then you graduate and become a part of a wider family which I like to call ‘The Network of Mums’.

Mummi Blogger, Ona

Successful Mums Restored My Confidence & Faith in Humanity

I’m a mother of 3, author and blogger and when they say that things happen for a reason they really do. From the moment I started my first ever course with Successful Mums in January 2020 (Back to Work Digital Skills), I was hooked. Before I go on to tell you why I need to go back a little bit to explain how I got here in the first place. I was really bruised and in need of a safe space that could restore my faith in humanity. I had left a job that I loved (November 2018) and if anyone has ever been in this situation they will know that this is accompanied by a loss of identity, self-worth and financial instability. But even though I count this as a really tumultuous time in my life, it was also the birthing of something new and beautiful although I did not realise it then. As my journey progressed all the pieces of the jigsaw slowly started to make sense. As I stepped into my calling and authentic self, little miracles started happening, I published my small collection of poems which reignited my Social Activism, travelled to Poland and Chicago and bagged myself some free training as a Mediator. On a chance visit to the job centre (if they even call it that these days) my work coach gave me a leaflet about Successful Mums and that maybe Id like to do a course with them. I made the call and it changed my life and trajectory. I stepped in to 2020 with a renewed sense of hope and as I started my new found course the universe whispered ‘get ready to start a new phase in your life’.

From Technophobia to Digital Wiz

I learnt for the first time the beauty of female only spaces and support. I was surrounded by other women, who were nurturing and accepting of who I was. I no longer needed to pretend but could be genuinely me. We were all mothers and all had different stories and experiences that had bought us all together on this unique journey. Nobody cared about what happened before, what mattered was that you were there now and that you showed up until the end. Over the 3 months that we were together, these trailblazing women became my ‘Tribe of Mothers’ who became my accountability partners. We laughed and cried together, we supported one another on this journey called motherhood and more importantly I felt safe enough to let go of my fear and take those baby steps towards accepting not just of myself but that I no longer labelled myself as technophobic; I redefined myself as a digital wiz. I realised that my fear of failure would no longer hold me back. This warm nurturing environment, allowed me and all the other mothers the space during the school day to look for work and improve our digitals skills. But if Im totally honest it was so much more, Our trainer encouraged, motivated and instilled in us that we could do it, and that anything is possible.

Successful Mums Planted a Seed Which Grew Into a Beautiful Flower and Then Blossomed

Then lock down happened but the seed that had been planted from my Back To Work-Digital Skills had been growing. When the end of the previous course ended the beautiful journey I was on came to an end. I had loved meeting and hearing all the stories of the mothers that I had met. I did not know what this meant but I had the sprinkling of an idea which was telling the stories of other women. Roll on the Business Start Up course (welcome relief from the shock of lock down). Again I met other women all at various stages in their business journey. Learning was different this time, because we could not meet in person but our Zoom meets up were just as good. It was hard studying in lockdown and home-schooling but we all made it through and again I built on my learning and this time faced my fears in relation financial forecasting and strategic planning ( something I’d always run away from). With the help and support of Successful Mums, my two part business plan was born. All the skills that I had learnt over the last 6 month period culminated in me building my new website from scratch and creating a platform for and about women.

Introducing The Mummi Blogger

If it wasn’t for the amazing set of ladies that make up Successful Mums and the awesome Jane Knight I can’t say that I would have got here as fast as I have or that that idea would have manifested into a full scalable business. Successful Mums have given me a real confidence boost to step outside my comfort zone and given me lifelong digital skills. You can never stop learning and by the time I finished my business course in July of this year, The Mummi Blogger was born. The first part of my plan has been fulfilled and as we end this year and the New Year approaches I’m now beginning another journey which is to coach and advocate for women. I am incredibly grateful to Successful Mums for all the amazing work that they do and the lives that they change through the training and learning that they provide.

Final Pearls of Wisdom

‘If you are a mum out there, thinking about a business and you are unsure where to start or if it’s even possible, please know that it is.

That no matter journey or circumstances if your willing to apply a new perspective and dare to step out of your comfort zone, and you will find that there will be others that your paired with that will support you on your journey. The best place to start is Successful Mums and I promise you you’ll never look back.

Before I go I want to leave you with one final quote by the RHA Goddess (The Calling)

‘Be True, Get Paid & Do Good’

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