Our five steps to nailing your post-baby work wardrobe.

Finding body-confidence as a mum can be a rocky road.

You know the feeling. It doesn’t matter how many times someone tells us our bodies are amazing, they grew and sustained a tiny human and brought it into the world, we still think “yeah and I wish mine looked better for it”.

We’ve all been told we should love ourselves- but that can feel pretty hard to do on 40 minutes sleep as your boobs droop to your knees, and the row of ‘work only’ dresses gathering dust in a corner of your wardrobe barely make it over your hips these days, let alone do up

We know that, as a mum wanting to return to work, finding a work wardrobe that works for you (pun intended!) is a great way to boost your confidence whether you’re returning to a previous job, attending interviews, or starting a new career.

So we’ve put together our five-step guide to nail a fab work wardrobe that will make morning ‘dress stress’ a thing of the past, and have you feeling stylish, confident and ready to take on life as a working mum.

Step one: Streamline

Many mums agree that it’s tough to find the balance between hanging on to old clothes in the hope they’ll fit again, and moving on to something you feel happier in. But if trying to fit into your pre-baby favourites is knocking your confidence, the best course of action is often to clear them out of your wardrobe.

Our bodies grow and change throughout our lifetime, you wouldn’t hold on to the clothes you wore at thirteen, hoping they might one day fit again. Getting rid of clothes that are no longer comfortable can be an empowering step in accepting the changes in your body that becoming a mum can bring.

However – don’t just bin them! Fast fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Globally, we produce 13 million tons of textile waste every year. 1 With that in mind, giving clothes to friends and family or local charity shops not only helps others out, but reduces the impact on the planet. Facebook marketplace, or secondhand sale apps such as Depop or Vinted are other great options.

Step Two: Have a Bra Fitting

No really, have one. Don’t cringe. It’s less about the numbers and letters and more about the actual fit. Bra fitters are equipped not just with a tape measure but a wealth of knowledge about different styles and adjustments you can make to the bras you’re wearing. Underwear that is the right size and suited to your shape is not only more comfortable, but will provide a great base for your new outfits to look their best.

Step 3 – Work with a Stylist

They know their stuff! Input from a professional can make all the difference, especially when you’re still getting used to your new body shape. That’s why we at Successful Mums organised our webinar ‘Style Yourself Confident,’ with Rebecca Ffrancon and Successful Mums Career Academy founder, Jane Knight.

“I believe we should all feel happy about our wardrobe and have more fun getting dressed” personal stylist, Rebecca Ffrancon, advocates.

Step 4 – Quality over Quantity

Bit of a cliche- but it’s true! Once you know what looks good, it’s tempting to buy as much of it as you can find. But then you’re faced with fifty disorganised hangers packed into your wardrobe, with no space to actually see your clothes and no idea what to choose.

Often, buying fewer, better quality items within your budget is the way forward. Not only will it simplify your mornings, but well-made clothes will last you longer – a plus for your purse and the planet in the long-run.

Step 5 – Show off your efforts!

Show off your new style and bask in the compliments. You did it!

You might have nailed your wardrobe, but if you’re still feeling daunted by the prospect of returning to work, why not join our supportive community of Successful Mums? With an initial goal of helping 100 mums, our back to work and start up business training has gone on to help over 6,000 women build momentum, focus and confidence in their career journeys.

So if you’re looking to regain your mojo, take your first step and apply today!

Words: Izzy Wilson for Successful Mum