The Summer holidays are ending. We made it!

We had a break. We switched off, relaxed and chilled. 

Or did we? 

As mums, we prioritise the small people. no doubt they had a great time, but what about you?  

When September comes around at Successful Mums, we see an increase in mums wanting to go back to work.

Mums that know they need to put themselves out there; but that knowledge is accompanied by slight trepidation.  

“I haven’t worked for years, I’m just a mum, no one will want to employ me.” 

“I haven’t got a clue what to put on my CV, I don’t have skills that employers want.” 

But, hang on a minute. Let’s just reflect on the last six weeks.  

As a parent juggling the holidays, I can list bundles of things that us mums have done in the last month and a half alone. And when you look back and think ‘what did I do over the summer holidays’, without even knowing, you utilised some of the most sought-after employment skills: 

  • Created a day-to-day plan of activities across the holidays – Organisation and time management. 
  • Dealt with unexpected issues that cropped up and found a solution such as the car breaking down – Problem Solving. 
  • Planned a variety of different days out, activities and experiences to keep children entertained – Initiative. 
  • Managed finances, ensuring money was stretched across the six weeks to cover days out, treats, travel and food – Budget management. 
  • Organised and researched holidays; play dates and days out managing safety; food and logistics – Event management. 
  • Looked for activities for a child who is neuro diverse, explored different options and arranged a first visit together – Understanding different perspectives. 
  • Baked, painted and oversaw non-screen activities – Creativity.  
  • Talked, listened and had some quality one on one time – Communication skills.  
  • Separated squabbling siblings, managed arguments to find resolutions and pacified upset children – Conflict Management and Leadership. 

So next time you think, I’m just a mum, what have I got to offer? Think again. 

Employers are looking for skills like these, and if you don’t have workplace examples to give in interview, use scenarios from your personal life instead. 

You have a huge transferable skillset that you utilise on a daily basis without even realising. Now it’s time to start getting paid for being brilliant!   

Get in touch with us today by registering your interest, and let us help you showcase your talents. 

Jane Knight, Founder,

Successful Mums Career Academy