I’ve always loved setting myself goals. Some I think about for ages, some come to me when I’m running and some at three in the morning. Whether they are scribbled on a post-it note, sent to myself via a voice note or in my Life Goals notebook, I love having something to work towards so I can challenge myself and give myself a high five on completion.

The goals I set have been instrumental in my life, my work and my well-being. From training to be a career advisor and coach, to running the London marathon, to making candles, to starting a business with a goal to help 100 mums find work; these are just a few of the goals that I’ve set, worked towards and achieved for my own personal success.

Behind any goal is a plan, hard work, determination, some fear facing and most importantly discipline.

Whether they are big or small they all have an impact in some way. Whether you want to grow your nails, run a mile or move to another country, they are personal to you, so stay in your own lane.

One of my recent goals was to learn to swim. After being busted by my children when asked why I don’t join them in the pool. I felt slightly fraudulent when the words that came out of my mouth said ‘ I can’t swim’.

My daughter was quick to copy my usual phrase of you can’t swim ‘yet’.

Truly busted…

So, this quickly became one of my goals. I did the research, the lessons were booked, along with a positive mindset and sharing my goal with the kids.

It has taken a while, in fact over 18 months, but this goal (that hadn’t entered my mind before) has resulted in a discovery of the Mediterranean Sea, the freedom and energy the water brings and most importantly the credibility and leading by example for my children.

So whether you’re a goal setter or not, they don’t have to be big they just need to be personal to you, keep an eye on the end goal, be specific and make it happen.

I still have a few lessons, to continue to improve my technique but for now, I’m pleased I added this to my goals, I’m happy to jump in at the deep end and I’ll continue to stay in my own swimming lane.

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