The moment you become a parent your life changes forever. Ask any new mum out there how many choices she has to make each day. How should she feed and clothe her child . How will she get out and about with the baby, with buggy or sling? The list of things to think about is endless. Over the time that you are at home, the primary carer for a child, you can start to forget about yourself. The person you were before you became mum or a parent. Someone with a job that you loved.  If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of going back to paid employment then you aren’t alone. Maybe you stayed at home for longer than a year with your family, and then it can feel harder still going back, especially now in this time of the unknown..

That’s where we come in. Successful Mums are here for you, delivering back to work courses, funded, which means free of charge if you meet the eligibility criteria. The courses are designed to give you career advice and confidence, help to show yourself in the best light to employers & give you lots of practical skills.  For example, have you thought about how to write your CV? We can help you with that. If feeling positive about your prospects is a challenge, then learning about mindset may give you a boost.

One thing you may have noticed in life is it’s far easier doing things with others than alone. And we can help you make connections to other women during the course, who feel just like you do. As well as your very own Successful Mums Coach you will have access to a group of like-minded and supportive women.

When you think about going back to work, what is stopping you at the moment? It’s so normal to feel overwhelmed by your family commitments, and unsure about taking on a challenge, like a course. But if you do decide to book, you would be in great company. The mums who attend our courses find community and support and often end up keeping in touch for years after their courses have ended.

“ The Successful Mums Course gave me the direction and confidence to find a flexible job during COVID 19. The mock interviews, the questions to ask meant I was able to negotiate days that suited me, I can’t thank you enough” Tracey Brogan, Successful Mum Graduate.

If you are hoping to start back to paid employment in 2021 and just need a little help and support making that happen, we are here for you. We want to see you fulfil your potential, creating the life that you deserve. For you and your family.

To find out more today about our life changing, free of charge back to work courses, designed for mums, by mums, just click here and grab your place today.

  • The current eligibility criteria is for individuals that are over 19, that live in Kent, Bromley, Bexley or Greenwich and are on some type of benefit including child benefit in London. To find out more about Successful Mums please visit our website