Be the best version of you this year…

Successful Mums had an amazing 2019meeting so many friendly women looking to change career, return to work or be their own boss. Having supported over 5,000 mums, we have great insight into what they are looking for and hope to use this to make it happen for many more mums, this year.

Those of you that follow us will know that we have 1000s of success stories from the mums we’ve helped find flexible work or turned their hobby into an income. Through these stories, we have identified the many key challenges for our mums;   lack of confidence, not knowing where to start and questioning whether they can really achieve their goal.

The good news is you can, but the truth isit doesn’t happen overnightYou need to write a plan and take small steps and you will get there.

We live in a world where many things are available in an instant.  You can order something online in the morning and have that package (on your garage roof ) by that afternoon. You can feel hungry and have someone on your doorstep with dinner before your next tummy rumbling.

 However, building confidence, developing your career or getting your business off the ground, takes longer. Don’t let instant gratification fool you, long term perseverance mixed with daily habits pay off!

We can help you start your own business plan, finish your CV, practice an interview, show you where the flexible jobs are and help you regain your confidence, amongst a group of friendly, like-minded mums.

Whether you want to work for yourself, find a new career or need some direction in 2020 we can help become the best version of YOU.

Join us this year for one of our funded* courses. Find out more, BOOK TODAY and MAKE IT HAPPEN…

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