We had a fantastic turn out for the Successful Mums and MediaCom Women Returners’ Day: women on career breaks or fancying a change of employment direction signed up for this sold-out event which had some great speakers and workshops.

MediaCom are great ambassadors for flexible working and their Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Future Talent,  Nancy Lengthorn explained how they do this as the first speaker of the day: understanding that they want to represent all walks of life in their workforce, they are keen employers of parents and offer flexible working across the agency.

Jane Knight, founder of Successful Mums, provided great insight in her engaging presentation on how employers benefit from parenting skills, along with innovative ways of approaching employers for work experience or paid employment.

Attendee Mum Maria Daley said, “Hats off to Jane to be working with organisations like MediaCom. Refreshing to see such a forward-thinking company embracing the skills us mums have to offer. Please continue the good work.”

The day included an advertising workshop from a genuine client for attendees to experience typical MediaCom commissions – the group provided valuable feedback to our hosts!

MediaCom Chief HR and Talent Officer Elaine Bremner said “The event opened up an untapped and exciting pool of talent for us that can bring a unique and valuable skills set to our agency.”

After a fantastic day, the women left more aware of the careers available in media, feeling inspired and motivated.

Want to hold your very own women returners’ event? Contact us at hello@successfulmums.co.uk