After deciding to take a long career break to raise a family, I was ready to initiate the next chapter of my life and resume my career. However, it became clear to me after fruitless job applications and interview processes that the last 5 years had diminished my confidence, direction and morale that I had in abundance prior to my career break.  

I particularly struggled to communicate effectively and network with new people in a professional setting; which ironically is something that I excel in in a personal capacity and in my former job. I sought inspiration online for anything that may help me regain the skills that I had lost as I was assured this was a relatively common issue for mothers who had taken significant career gaps and I came across Successful Mums Career Academy.  

After researching this company further and reviewing the services they provide and the courses they offer, my initial thoughts were that this is something that I could benefit from. What I did not foresee was exactly how much it would positively impact my development both from a personal and a professional standpoint. 

I registered for the Confidence and Career Coaching courses. During the courses, I had the pleasure of working with fantastic motivational coaches, trainers and mothers who I quickly developed strong relationships with driven by our shared goal to maximise our self-development.  

The course has helped me regain my confidence; by setting team and individual assignments which could be easily applied in a work environment, I was able to re-establish all the skills that I thought I longer had and even develop and strengthen them even further as I was able to recognise and utilise all the transferable skills I had gained since becoming a mother. 

In addition, I have gained new knowledge in using different digital tools that were introduced throughout the course and developed a mindset to embrace new challenges without fear and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. 

After completing my course, I am passionate about helping other parents regain their confidence and refine their skill sets to help them make the challenging transition back to work. 

Therefore, I had connected with Jane Knight, and she has given me an amazing opportunity to work within the Marketing Department at Successful Mums for a 8-week term, where I am currently helping deliver marketing project objectives, engaging with various stakeholders, including job centres and commercial partners, attending job fairs where I connect with parents to help them find their mojo by sharing my incredible journey with Successful Mums to date. 

Take a look at our fully-funded courses here so you too can take the first step on your return to work, new career or business journey today with Successful Mums.