If you’re struggling to stick to your New Year’s resolutions or you’re finding it hard to keep up with your new exercise regime, we have a few simple tips to keep you motivated!

It’s nearing that time of year when even with the best of intentions, resolutions have started to fade. Be it fewer folks at the gym or admitting to yourself that dry January wasn’t completely dry… motivation is starting to fade. If you are still sticking to them – good show! We hope we’re more like you next year!



1) Write your goals or resolutions down. Put them somewhere that you can see them – every day. The expression out of sight out of mind isn’t just related to laundry! If you hide your goals away and don’t remind yourself of why you’re doing it, even you forget it’s significance.


2) Tell someone else about your goals. This makes it more real, it holds you accountable to someone else and it gives you someone to talk to when you see yourself veering off course.


3) Mix with like-minded, positive people. Not only will they support you in reaching your goal, but in many cases, they’ve been there and understand where you’re coming from. A group of people with a common goal also help spur some people on – a little competition can be a good thing – especially when no one loses!


4) Progress not perfection. We all strive to be the perfect version of ourselves, but we have to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither were we.  Whether we’re adopting a more positive outlook or shedding a few pounds, we need to remember to celebrate our progress along the way. It took years to get to where you are, it’s ok if it takes years to get to where you want to be.


5) Learning new skills. Every expert was once a beginner – and believe me, some of them had to study hard! Whether they achieved their black belt in Karate or graduated with honours from a university, they put in the time to develop their skills.


6) Give yourself honest advice. Think about what advice you would give a friend if they were thinking of giving up on a dream.  Have a conversation with yourself – out loud – and be frank. Having the conversation out loud can sometimes make it seem more real.


7) Enjoy the detours. Every day is an adventure, and things are constantly changing. What was possible yesterday may require more, or less, effort today. Remember life is an adventure – enjoy the breaks, take the detours and hold on when the ride gets a little bumpy


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Article by Jane Knight, reproduced from the Tinies website