We are excited to announce we have secured funding from the Mayor of London to work with a number of forward-thinking employers to encourage flexibility and diversity by including parents into their future workforce.

The funding means we can provide employers with a free pack of resources including the following online training sessions:

• Introduction to flexible working
• Flexible working in practice
• Managing a flexible workforce
• Attracting skilled women to your workforce – how to advertise and attract talented mums
• Women’s health and wellbeing

In addition, we can provide policy templates for adaption on:

• Women’s health and menopause
• Flexible working
• Equal opportunities

We will also provide employers with guidance on quality standards accreditation, to enable companies to fully embrace flexible working and stand out as an employer of choice.

By signing up, businesses will be able to advertise roles for free on our job board for up to two years, reaching out to a skilled audience of women. There will be PR opportunities to be showcased as a forward-thinking employer.

Taking part is completely free and just requires a few hours of employers’ time and an interest in implementing flexible working practices in the workplace.

To find out more information, email Jane@successfulmums.co.uk or call 07761 615371.