When I first met you all I didn’t know how important you would all be to me..

Today is a mix of emotions, proud, happy and also sad to leave behind my band of sisters who’ve managed an unmatchable bond in the short space of time we’ve known each other.

All carrying the weight of unemployment on our shoulders but each and every one of us determined and employable beyond belief. Each mother in their own unique situation but each mother doing what mothers do best and looking after one another. I’m the newest member of the mother club (my child’s the youngest) and I’m so proud to be able to join this stoic support system of successful mums.

Caroline you have been fantastic in your guidance, never faltering in your patience and always providing help with a smile

I’m excited not only for my time ahead as a mother from hearing all their fabulous tales of children’s antics but I’m excited to see them all grow as individuals and see where life takes them. I’m excited as well for my own journey, everything is an opportunity and this is just the beginning. Well done each and every one of us, we’ve battled through pages of workbooks, sleepless nights, learnt new skills, started blogging, changed career paths, networked in new industries, upskilled, retrained, smiled, laughed, cried, stressed, praised and most of all found friendship.

Note to self things can only get better!


It is always lovely to hear feedback from our graduates, especially when it is from the heart and written so well! Alexandra Quantrill joined us for our Back to Work & Digital Course in January and as part of their course work they are asked to write a blog, how touched Caroline and the whole team were to receive this 😊

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