It’s September – the start of a new school year. Like me, your youngest child might be starting school. It’s the end of an era, a new chapter is starting. I feel a bit sad but excited at what the year will bring, watching my children learn more and gain new experiences, all contributing to the way they view the world.

This new school year might leave you with a bit more time on your hands; you might already have a plan in place or may be wondering what you will do with that window of time. Some ideas from our Mums include running, starting a degree, volunteering, turning a hobby into a business or finding a job to fit in around the school run.

Whatever you decide to do with that window, Successful Mums is very good at providing a focus and clarity to start your business or find part-time work.

It’s a big step if you haven’t worked for a while; you might have a great business idea but not have the confidence to take those first steps.

“Taking the first step and taking action is often about our mindset and the words we tell ourselves, one of my favourites is from Henry Ford”

Myself and many of the Successful Mums have changed their mindset from can’t to can and have made fantastic progress towards their own personal success.

Our training helps change can’t to can and overcome the fears that surround returning to work and most importantly, help you reach your potential. The courses help to build confidence, identify skills and provide direction.

Our Back to Work or Business Start-up courses are a great use of your window of time to get started on this next chapter. Sign up TODAY!