We are seeing an increasing number of women expressing a desire to be their own boss. They yearn for independence, the ability to set their own schedules, and the opportunity to pursue their passions.    

 But where do they start?    

 Almost 1 in 5 UK companies are led by women in 2024,1​. ​and while, encouragingly, the figure grows year on year, these businesses still only account for 18% of UK firms.     

 All the while aspirations are growing, a big proportion of the women we meet at Successful Mums Career Academy find themselves unsure of where to start when it comes to venturing into self-employment or business start-up. In addition to this 1 in 3 female business owners (33%) cite feelings of low self-confidence as a challenge.2 

 There is a distinct lack of education on entrepreneurship, particularly for women. This knowledge gap creates a barrier to going back to work after having a family, with some women not taking forward a creative idea or scalable hobby simply because they don’t know how to get started.   

Women often feel overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin, and while education prepares us, to a degree, for employment, it doesn’t traditionally equip us with the skills we need to start and run a business.    

 There is a huge opportunity to provide valuable resources for aspiring female entrepreneurs.    

Something we believe strongly in at Successful Mums, is encouraging women in business to share their experiences and offer guidance to inspire and motivate others to take the leap into self-employment.   

 This was part of the reason I created the accredited Enterprise Course.  As a business owner myself, despite being proud of what my team and I have achieved, any mistakes made early on cost time and money.  So, we pass on this rich experience and learning as part of our courses. Mistakes are part of business and life, however learning from these is the most important thing.    

 It’s easy to get carried away when we have an idea. We can procrastinate over logos, spend hours dreaming up a shiny website and asking loved ones for feedback. But dedicating time to researching your idea (past page one on google); setting up a focus group to test the market; understanding your costings and drawing up a short succinct business plan is the first step. It’s not necessarily the most exciting part, but it is the foundation of starting a business.   

But this is just the starting point. We take women through every aspect of business from branding to budgets, social media to self-assessment. Most importantly we bring like-minded women together to network. We even have our grads speak at events, contribute to our own future plans, and many become part of our supplier network.   

I would love to see the Government fully embrace women entrepreneurship through making more funding available. Funding remains one of the biggest challenges faced by providers who are equipped to support women to start their own business.   

 It is time to break the cycle and create an inclusive environment that encourages and supports women in self-employment and entrepreneurship. By doing so, we not only empower individual women but also contribute to economic growth, gender equality, and inspire the next generation – the little people.   

Learn more about our Enterprise Course, HERE. Additionally, if you’re a mum who’s looking to start your own business or you are in the early stages of setting one up, you can join us for our Building Business Brilliance Workshop, this May.

We’ve teamed up with Pauline Paterson, Co-founder of Dr.PawPaw, to share our knowledge and personal experiences of building a successful business. This event will be both fun and insightful, inspiring your entrepreneurial spirit and providing you with the tools to get started. You can book your FREE place HERE.

i Herring, E. and Barber, S. (2024) Women in business statistics: 2024. https://www.finder.com/uk/business-loans/women-in-business-statistics. 

ii Herring, E. and Barber, S. (2024) Women in business statistics: 2024. https://www.finder.com/uk/business-loans/women-in-business-statistics.