So busy with life, being a mum, running my own communications business – surely I can’t set up another business? Oh, go on then!

I have been running my own business, Scott Communications since 2018 and things are going really well. I’ve worked on various client projects, helping to form government relations and stakeholder engagement strategies, as well as media plans.

I think any small business owner would agree that there are highs and lows of being your own boss, but the flexibility is a huge plus point.

As life got increasingly stressful, I needed to find some sort of outlet and it was then that I discovered a newfound love of painting and decoupaging oyster shells. This came about through family trips to Whitstable in Kent, one of my favourite places to visit.

I started turning oyster shells into beautiful trinket dishes, salt and pepper pots, ring dishes, ornaments and Christmas tree decorations.

Soon friends and family encouraged me to sell them and I was pleasantly surprised at the scale of the demand. My shells are ethically sourced, cleaned and sterilised and they make for unique presents that will last a lifetime.

I never imagined being a small business owner would take me down an alternative path as an artist in addition to my core work as a PR and communications professional, but I pursued a hobby that I loved and turned it into another business. Rather surprisingly, and pleasingly, the two business ideas have proved to be quite complementary.

Don’t get me wrong, I look in the mirror and see a lot of grey hair and think I am far too young for the onset of that! Life is stressful and managing a family, school, work, and trying to have a life is a very tricky balance, but I honestly think the seven weeks I spent with Successful Mums in 2018 equipped me well to deal with these challenges. I will always be grateful to Jane and her team for teaching me the building blocks of setting up and running my own business, and for giving me the confidence to realise my inner entrepreneur.

I’ve been overwhelmed by friends and local people who genuinely want to support local businesses, and I’ve even secured a few wholesale clients too, including one in Scotland! I’m now branching out into bespoke designs and am looking to take commissions too.

There’s still time left in 2022 to make it count. If you have a passion for something and think you can turn it into a business, then give it a go with the support from Successful Mums! You never know where it might lead.

If you’d like to follow my creative journey and see my latest designs, then please visit Sheila Sells Sea Shells

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