Q. What do you do? 

A. We are a training company for mums. We provide online, flexible and interactive training to help mums find work, start a business, or develop a business. We help mums get their mojo back once having children. The results? Mums progressing into work, getting their business off the ground and gaining clarity, focus and more confidence.

Q. Are all the courses free?
A. Yes, Jane created the business to help as many mums as possible access free training. if you fulfil the eligibility criteria for any of the courses we currently advertise, then they are fully funded.
Q. Why are the courses free?
A. We work with a number of organizations that are able to fund the courses making it free to the majority of our mums. Because the courses are funded, we will need evidence that you meet the eligibility criteria in your application, but don’t worry as we make this process as simple as possible so we can focus on your career or business aspirations.

Q. What is the eligibility criteria?

A. Jane is continually applying for funding from a range of partners, therefore depending on the funding requirements the eligibility criteria vary a little course to course. We encourage mums to apply via our website and our team can you let you know which course and funding suits your needs.

Q. Do your courses work? 

A. Put simply, yes! 92% of mums felt more confident after our training and 96% would recommend our courses. 70% of our course graduates find work or set up a business within 12 months, and of those, 48% find work within just 4 weeks. Plus, our delivery standards have been rated outstanding by a number of government organisations.

Q. Will I get a qualification?

A. This depends on the course you choose, but most of our courses offer a recognised Ofqal qualification.

Q. Is it only for mums?

A. We have designed these courses specifically for mums as we have a deep understanding of their situation, however we welcome dads, non-parents and careers too.

Q. How do I do a course?
A. Our courses are currently delivered online. This means a mixture of webinars, our online learning platform and phone calls. There is a mixture of group and 121 sessions. The exact amount of each varies according to the course you are doing.

Q. How do I sign up? 

A. We ask you to register your interest on our website in the first instance, so that we can match you to the most suitable free course. You’ll then complete the application or enrolment form for your chosen course. You can even do this over the phone with one of our team. Your journey begins with a 121, followed by your very first welcome webinar.

Q. What do others say about you?

A. 96% of our mums would recommend our courses. You can take a look at some of their success stories here

Q. How much time do I need to commit, and is it flexible around homes schooling and child care?

A. This depends on the course you do. Each course has an overview of what is involved. Any commitment required will prepare you for the return to work or being your own boss.

Q. Who runs the training?

A. We have a team of fully qualified trainers. Most of them are mums too, so they really understand our participants. They encourage a positive and supportive learning atmosphere, in person and online.

Q. What do your courses cover?

A. Each course has a full description on our website in the courses section. You will have your very own career coach with 121 coaching to determine your current situation and where you want to be; your coach will then work with you to set small goals. All our training includes the digital skills employers are looking for, guest speakers, connections to our previous graduates and support in our online support network for up to a year. Depending on your needs and starting point you may also choose to top up or progress across different courses. All our courses are aimed at getting mums back in to work or to start their own business.