Do you feel lost after a career break and feel now might the time to try something new?

Have you ever given thought to what other career options may be open to you? It is interesting isn’t it, thinking about what else you could do.  Our working lives are lasting longer than ever – the age a women can retire at is now 62.

This means we have more time to try different career avenues as well. Jobs for life are a thing of the past.

In my experience of working with hundreds of flexible friendly employers, they’re not put off by people who have different backgrounds, in fact it can be to their benefit, taking someone with skills in other areas. This often means the employer can then retrain the employee to their ways of working.

Having supported thousands of women with their career including new careers, at Successful Mums, we believe your second act is all about finding your passion and matching this with your chosen career. This includes mum of three Laura Carroll who attended our back to work training course, designed for mums.

 Laura had worked in the foreign exchange for over 10 years before leaving the City to raise her children. During the course which includes 121 career advice, Laura realized just how many new career opportunities that exist after a career break. 

“Successful Mums opened my eyes to so many different new careers, I was spoilt for choice.” 


With our help, Laura was able to make the transition from the foreign exchange to the food and drink industry (FMCG). 

Now working at Remedy Drinks and loving their kombucha products, Laura works across a number of departments for this flexible friendly organisation using her new and transferable skills from her previous career.

Transferable Skills

Women have a huge range of transferable skills that can be used across a range of industries. Just because you’ve worked in marketing does not mean you can’t work in Financial or Digital services. Everything is now possible, more and more people are having a portfolio career.

Successful Mums work with so many employers who want to work with people with no experience so they can provide full career change training.  At Successful Mums we offer career advice and training for you to do something totally different, completely new and exciting. 

 Wouldn’t you like to experience the excitement of a new role again? 

Are you interested in a career change? We provide flexible online training with Back to Work, Digital and Business Start Up courses that will help you make it happen. Find out more here.