Designed for parents, educators, caregivers or those who would like to develop knowledge of autism spectrum conditions, our comprehensive course provides valuable insights into the unique strengths and challenges that individuals on the autism spectrum may face. 

Online or face to face training

100% free

8 week duration

Fits in with family life

Nationally accredited

Friendly weekly webinars

Expert 1 to 1 support available

Monthly start dates

Meet like minded mums

Topics include:

  • Behaviours and characteristics associated with autism spectrum conditions
  • The process of gaining a diagnosis
  • Support available for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families
  • Strategies and interventions to support individuals on the autism spectrum
  • Working with individuals on the autism spectrum
  • Autism spectrum conditions and society.

Take the chance and learn something new to make a huge impact for others and see the world from another perspective.