For many mums, running a business is the perfect way to work around commitments to your family.

From your excellent idea to registering as self-employed, this course is the foundation for mums who aspire to be their own boss and start a business.

You’ll begin with understanding how business organisations can be structured and organised to fit the purpose of the business before continuing to develop knowledge of:

  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Digital marketing
  • Creating a business plan
  • Business records required
  • And most importantly, how to register as a business.

Over six weeks you’ll have one webinar each week, a simple online learning platform and your very own Successful Mums trainer. Plus, you’ll have support for up to a year with a network of like-minded mums.

This course is perfect if you want to:

  • Become self employed
  • Set up a company
  • Improve your business start-up knowledge

Thinking about starting a business can be both an incredibly exciting and scary time; this course provides everything you need to become a successful business mum.


Designed to build your start-up business knowledge, whilst supporting you as a mum every step along the way the course includes:

  • Business pitch skills
  • Business structure
  • Understanding target markets
  • Producing financial planning documents
  • Digital marketing techniques
  • How to create a business plan.

As part of this course you will have access to our wide range of work resources and your very own dedicated Successful Mums trainer. Ideal for mums who want to start their own business and turn their dreams into reality.

Now is a great time to learn new skills, commit to starting your business and join a network of supportive mums. It’s time to start your business journey.


Certificate in Business


This course is a perfect foundation for your business start-up journey and all the support we can offer you. It will help you plan your business and get off to a flying start.

For even more added value, complement this Enterprise Skills course with our Business Coaching at the same time for tailored 121 mentoring around your business needs.

On completion of this Enterprise Skills course, you can progress to Digital Promotion for Business Mums; furthering your social media marketing skills and learning web design processes to set your business up for success. 


We’ve supported over 6,000 women back to work or to start a business. You can see their successes and you can be a successful mum too – even if you don’t feel like you are one right now. We give you the tools you need to regain your mojo.

Our Business Start-up programme also offers:

  • Support for up to a year after your course
  • Great guest speakers
  • A dedicated trainer
  • A support network of like-minded mums
  • Specialist themed webinars on topics such as personal styling
  • An online video library containing media of wider social learning.

To participate with a free place on this course you must be:

  • Either unemployed and living in a London borough,
  • Or employed or self-employed, earning less than £21k full time equivalent (FTE) per year, and living in a London borough.
  • Meet one of the two options above and be able to provide evidence of your eligibility.

We also welcome dads, carers and people without children.

This course is part funded by the European Social Fund as part of the 2014-2020 European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme in England. The Department for Work and Pensions (and in London the intermediate body Greater London Authority) is the Managing Authority for the England European Social Fund programme. Established by the European Union, the European Social Fund helps local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support skills development, employment and job creation, social inclusion and local community regenerations. For more information visit


  • 6 weeks (plus on-going support for up to 12 months after the course).


  • 1 weekly webinar: usually Tuesday 10am to 11am for 1 hour (exact days and times will be confirmed on application).
  • Plus self-learning/homework and working on your business at a time to suit you around your family commitments, the school run and your busy mum life.

Overall you’ll be committing around 15 hours per week for the six-week duration of the module itself. 15 hours is roughly 2 working days per week, or 3 hours on each school day. You can decide how to fit these hours in at home, around your family commitments.

NOTE: Should you choose to complete this Enterprise Skills course and Business Coaching together, you will have one weekly webinar as detailed above and spend around 20 hours a week (4 hours on each school day) for the six weeks of the webinars. During the six weeks you will also have a 121 once a week at a time suitable for you and your coach. On-going support for up to 12 months after the course, is delivered once a month at a time and duration to suit you and your coach.


We’re currently enrolling for September and October starts. You’ll be able to start on the next course with availability. Exact dates and times will be confirmed with you on application. There’s always an opportunity ready for you to start your business journey with us.


Please ensure you have either a laptop, tablet or a pc/mac with an internet connection that you can use for the duration of the course. This is so that you are able to access the webinars, complete your assessments, research and practice the digital skills you are learning as part of this course.


Webinars are delivered online using Zoom. This is not a classroom environment and bears no resemblance to the classroom of your past! With online respect and decorum, it’s a group of like-minded mums coming together to share knowledge and skills – focussing your time on starting your business.

And rest assured, our trainers are mums too. For the best and most interactive experience we recommend being able to attend the webinars at their specified time. There may be times when there are children in the background. We’re realistic about that. Some of our coaches and trainers have children at home too. In a worst case scenario, sessions can be recorded and sent to you afterwards, but the mute button works wonders so you can still be there!

All learning and assessment will take place through our online learning platform, EQUAL, meaning you can choose a time that is convenient to complete your course assessment activities. Full guidance will be given, so don’t let the online nature of the course stop you at the first hurdle.

Start your business journey today. Complete your online application form and we’ll be in touch to enrol you on your course.

What next?

Come and join Successful Mums Career Academy. It takes one first step to complete your application for this course and start regaining your mojo.

“My confidence was at zero when a friend of mine told me about the Back to Work course. I signed up and soon realised I wasn’t the only mum who’d stayed at home for a long time and who was struggling to find a job. Jane Knight, our tutor, has so much experience as a careers coach and you get the feeling she can really “see” you. The course helped me get my current role. Now I feel like I’m a complete person, not just mummy, cleaner, cook… I feel like “me” again.”


“The knowledge and support are amazing – it’s changed my life because for the first time in a very, very long time, I believe in the value of ALL of my experiences and I have a real drive to get back to work.”