Positive Wellbeing

Are you looking for a calmer way of life and work? This level 1 course will provide strategies for positive wellbeing, stress management and work-life balance. Covering a number of simple and practical techniques as well as resources about the menopause, this course is designed to support you to a more relaxed way of thinking and being.

Online flexible course

100% free


6 week duration

Fits in with family life

Nationally accredited

Friendly weekly webinars

Expert 1 to 1 support available

Monthly start dates

Meet like minded mums

What We’ll Cover:

  • What positive mental health and wellbeing mean
  • Building resilience for yourself and others
  • The hormones that can cause stress and how to manage this
  • Recognising trigger points for your own mental health
  • Coping strategies that work
  • Work-life balance and time management
  • Resources and dealing with the menopause
  • Body posture and staying calm
  • Actions vs Reactions (the 10/90 theory)
  • Mindfulness and journaling
  • How to get the most joy and zest for life
“My confidence was at zero when a friend of mine told me about the Back to Work course. I signed up and soon realised I wasn’t the only mum who’d stayed at home for a long time and who was struggling to find a job. Jane Knight, our tutor, has so much experience as a careers coach and you get the feeling she can really “see” you. The course helped me get my current role. Now I feel like I’m a complete person, not just mummy, cleaner, cook… I feel like “me” again.”